Earlier this year, at the XXXII Synod of our Diocese, we launched the theme of ACC Vision, firmly looking with hope and commitment to the future.

On Saturday 6th July 2024 we will, Dv, during the solemn celebration of Mass, formally consecrate St Augustine’s Church, Painters Forstal, Kent, as the Cathedral Church of this Diocese. Debt free and entirely owned by the Anglican Catholic Church, and not by an individual person or congregation as has been the case in the past, we have achieved something quite unique and special after 34 years.

ACC Vision is not however simply about this achievement. We have been charged to carefully consider and respond to the challenges we have as a community of the faithful, to whom has been entrusted the treasury and legacy of orthodox, traditional Anglican Catholicism in these Islands.

Any such undertaking, looking for stability and growth of our work as a Church and Diocese, must begin and be rooted always in prayer.

As Bishop of this Diocese of the United Kingdom, I therefore request that our members and friends pray the following Novena (printed on the back of  the attached sheet) for the Nine days prior to our service of Consecration on 6th July 2024.

Beginning on Wednesday 26th June and ending on Friday 5th July, please add these prayers to your regular prayer time, faithfully, once each day, for vocations to the ministry, for the strengthening and building up of our existing congregations and the establishment of new communities, and for a willingness to share the Good News of Jesus Christ across our nation.

Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. (Philippians 4:6)


Novena 2024