We now have two green parking bays and an EV Charging point for two vehicles.    These charging points are accessible, via a Smart Phone App named ProjectEVPro, to allow the general public, to book sessions to recharge their electric cars.


This will hopefully provide an additional revenue stream to St Augustine’s. With the increase in the cost of living, fuel prices going up and all the other stresses of modern life, the Church is not immune from the consequences.

Because St Augustine’s has our off road parking, no planning permission was required for the installation. The cost of the installation has been met from the the generous gift made by Mrs Elizabeth Bell from the estate of the late Father Roger Bell. We were unable to proceed with the erection of a Bell Cupola and clock on the roof of our Church in memory of Father Roger, due to local objections. We therefore decided that his legacy will pay for the installation costs of these charging points and will benefit the Church in the months and years ahead. We are grateful to his widow, Mrs Elizabeth Bell, for her support in this. A suitable plaque with be erected in his memory detailing this in due course.

We do not, at the moment, anticipate charging being available to the public from 8am to 3pm on Sundays, but will monitor the success of this venture.