You are invited to worship with us in this recorded service on Sunday 28th March 2021 (Palm Sunday) at the Anglican Catholic Church of St Augustine of Canterbury, Eastling Road, Painters Forstal, Near Faversham, Kent.
Here is a YouTube Channel link to the recorded Mass:
St Augustine’s is open for public worship at 11am on Sundays (other days as announced) and we hope that those of you viewing our videos remotely – who are within relatively easy reach of our Church will come and visit us sometime. Those further afield we invite if you pass by our Church.
During the service you will be invited to make a Spiritual Communion – with a prompt appearing on screen at the appropriate place.
Before Mass Bishop Damien blessed and distributed Palm Crosses.
Sadly, the numbers worshiping with us, never large, are much reduced from pre-pandemic attendance but we hope that will change in the weeks and months ahead.